About AirWander

AirWander is a flight metasearch engine that automates the flight combination travel hack to add cheap stopovers to any flight.

AirWander Team

AirWander was inspired during an eight-month South American Backpacking trip in 2014 by the two founders Ela and Douglas. The flights they booked included simulated stopovers which took days to plan.

After returning to a garage apartment in San Francisco they knew they had to make this easier for themselves and other travelers to use this booking technique, so they decided to build a flight search engine.

They live a digital nomad lifestyle traveling with the company to Málaga, Spain to take part in a Bolt Accelerator, then Honolulu, Hawaii participating in Blue Startups

Development of the app has been underway since April 2014, and QuestOrganzier was released in February 2015. In December 2016 after a rebranding and significant enhancements, they launched AirWander on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt London.

How does it work?