What is Airwander?

Airwander is a flight metasearch engine that automates the flight combination travel hack to add cheap stopovers to any flight.

Why a stopover flight search engine?

The founders, Ela and Douglas, met at Burning Man and then traveled to South America to an eight-month backpacking trip in 2014. The flights they booked included simulated stopovers which took days to plan. After returning to a garage apartment in San Francisco they knew they had to make this easier for themselves and other travelers to use this booking technique, so they decided to build a flight search engine.

They live a digital nomad lifestyle traveling with the company to Málaga, Spain to take part in a Bolt Accelerator, then Honolulu, Hawaii participating in Blue Startups

Development of the app has been underway since April 2014, and QuestOrganzier was released in February 2015. In December 2016 after a rebranding and significant enhancements, they launched Airwander on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt London. In July 2018 Airwander V2 went live. Airwander V3 is under development and is expected to release in Q1 2021.

Tips and Tricks