stopover flights with airwander

Stopover Flights with Airwander: All you need to know

Discover the magic of stopover flights with airwander! Imagine turning long layovers into mini-vacations, exploring new cities without spending extra. This cheap flights hack lets you create a unique itinerary, breaking up long journeys and saving money. With airwander you can add a stopover between any two destinations, making travel more exciting and affordable. Dive in to learn how to transform your travel experience!

  1. What are stopover flights?
  2. What are the benefits of stopover flights?
  3. How do stopover flights on airwander differ from airline stopover programs?
  4. How do I find stopover flights with airwander?
  5. How do I customize my stopovers?
  6. Can I fly with checked baggage on stopover flights?
  7. How do I book stopover flights?
  8. Is adding a stopover to my flight free?
  9. Are there any expert tips for booking stopover flights?

What are stopover flights?

Stopover flights include one-day or multiple-day layover in your itinerary. It gives you time to explore a city before reaching your final destination or on your way back. Airwander helps you find these flights, making sure you can visit multiple places on one trip. In fact, you can add a stopover between any two destinations you can think of, and often save on it!

What are the benefits of stopover flights?

  • Explore more cities! Turn layovers into mini-vacations.
  • Save money! Often, stopover flights are cheaper than direct flights.
  • Break up long journeys! Avoid the fatigue of long flights by breaking them up with stops.

How do stopover flights on airwander differ from airline stopover programs?

Airwander’s stopover options are unique because they are not limited to specific airlines or destinations. Unlike airline-specific stopover programs, which are usually restricted to the airline’s hub cities, Airwander allows you to add stopovers in any city between your origin and final destination. Moreover, airline stopover programs are often restricted to a specific number of days. With Airwander, no need to worry about that! Actually, you can build your whole multi-city trip with stopovers adding them one by one. When and where you like.

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How to travel cheap with stopovers with as many legs as you want

How do I find stopover flights with airwander?

Airwander allows you to search for flights with stopovers between any two destinations.

  • You start with any origin & destination pair.
  • Then, click Add stopovers button, or the red stopover icon between your origin & destination pair.
  • Right away, airwander will show you the best stopover options for your itinerary. You can select the one you like from the suggested stopovers or apply stopover filters to see different results. 
how to find stopover flights on airwander

After adding a stopover(s) to your itinerary and choosing the flight combination that fits your plans, it’s time to book. You book separate tickets for each flight leg of your journey to secure the cheapest deals. So when it comes to your travel, it means you need to check in and collect your baggage at each stopover (unless it’s 2 flights booked on one ticket with the same airline with a short stopover in-between). This gives you flexibility but requires careful planning.

How do I customize my stopovers?

There’s a whole range of things you can customize with airwander. Let’s start with the basic ones.

What if I already have a stopover city in mind?

On a page with stopovers, use Search filter, and type in your city name, and select it from the menu. Then click ‘Add’ on a stopover card.

how to search for a specific stopover city

How to change the number of days I want to stay in a stopover city?

If you already have a number in mind, use Days filter on stopovers page. For example, if you want to see stopover suggestions for 3 days for flight leg Morocco – Sydney, open Days filter and use + and – icons to change the number of days. Then, you’ll see how stopover cards with a small timeline Morocco – Sydney will reload to show 3 days of stay.

how to select the number of days for stopovers

What if I want to add a stopover on a particular flight leg?

No worries. You can either use the Quick Edit view (timeline) and deselect legs where you don’t want stopover to be shown. In addition, you can do the same using the Legs filter.

How to add stopovers on specific flight legs

Can I fly with checked baggage on stopover flights?

Yes, you can fly with checked baggage. Booking separate tickets means you will need to check it in before each flight, and collect after, and then check it in again with a different or the same airline. You might also be required to go through customs, and security control. Make sure you have enough time between flights for this process, especially if changing airports in the same city. 

I know it sounds like a bit of a hustle, but here’s the best part – when you pick stopovers that last at least several days – it’s a win-win. You get to see extra cities or countries on your way to the final destination, save money on tickets, and avoid the short layover rush, as you’re turning your boring airport waiting time into real adventures!

How do I book stopover flights?

The short answer is with separate tickets. Airwander can connect any two locations with a stopover to create a combined itinerary for you. However, to make sure you spend less on flights airwander uses a cheap flights hack. That is, breaking up your itinerary into separate tickets at the cheapest possible rates. So the only 2 things you have to do is:

  • For each ticket, decide if you want to book directly with airlines or online travel agencies, and open the links.
  • Confirm that flight prices are available and purchase your tickets one by one.
book all tickets in your combined stopover itinerary separately to get the cheapest rates

Is adding a stopover to my flight free?

It can be free, and can even save you money! But it depends. The prices you see on stopover cards on airwander are predictions of what the price of the city will be once it’s included in your itinerary. For some connections airwander doesn’t have as much data as about the others, while for more common routes the predictions will be more accurate.

But the more you search a specific route, the more accurate the prices will become. There’s more! The more stopovers you add, the cheaper your total trip cost will be! You can add as many bonus cities as you want, when you’re a member of Airwander Premium Club. You can even plan the round-the-world tour like a professional travel agent, not paying the cost of one.

What if my itinerary with stopovers is too expensive?

Try these 3 simple techniques to bring the cost down:

  • Change dates. Experiment with different travel dates to find cheaper options. The cheapest dates to fly are highlighted in the calendar in green.
  • Try different flight legs. If you’re flexible, experiment with removing a stopover and adding it to a different trip segment.
  • Extend stopover stay. Sometimes extending your stay in a stopover city can reduce the overall cost, and you’ll get more time to explore!
use calendar to find the cheapest dates for stopover flights

Are there any expert tips for booking stopover flights?

Yes, here are some tips!

Check accommodations & visa costs in advance.

In some cities, like Singapore or Oslo, even with cheap flights, the cost of a hotel or Airbnb stay might break the bank. While in cities like Sarajevo, Tirana, or Da Nang, you can spend a week living a luxurious lifestyle on your stopover, and it’ll be so cheap you won’t believe it. However, always check if you need a visa, and whether you can apply online ahead of time, or if it’s available on arrival. Also, sometimes there’s an option to get a free transfer visa for 24-72h if you have onward ticket and meet some other requirements.

Check distance from the arrival airport to your stopover city.

Before booking, find your stopover airport on a map to see how far away it is from the city. Balance out the time & expenses of getting from the airport to the city with the time you want to spend exploring.

Travel light on short stopovers.

If you’re planning a stopover that’s less than a day, consider traveling light or leaving your baggage at the airport storage.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? With airwander, booking stopover flights is a game-changer, offering you a cheap flights hack that turns layovers into exciting adventures. Create a unique itinerary that maximizes your travel experience while saving money. Don’t wait—visit airwander now and book your perfect stopover flight!