BRAZIL – Felicidade e Carnaval !!!

By Ela Bader

Visiting Brazil was an incredible experience!

This vast country is full of diversities, dance, music, exotic fruits and  beautiful landscapes.

After the initial 4 days in Rio de Janeiro we headed north to Porto Seguro. We spent two weeks hitchhiking 1100km along the cost and stopping  at many beautiful beaches and small non-touristic towns. Each one (some less than 40km apart) offered a new aspect of this diverse country. We made a 13 km hike through the sandy beach, with our heavy backpacks from two small towns of Corumbau  to Caraiva (where all the streets are made of sand and the whole village looks like a beach).  It is very rewarding to carry everything that is needed to survive in a backpack and surprisingly it is not as exhausting as it may seem.

This was an incredible adventure in the tropics. Which was followed by returning to Rio in time for carnival. Every day of carnival was full of street parties (Blocos) happening in every district of the city, and every street was crowded with people. It was fun but also very hectic. We have spent a lot of time navigating through crowds of people that last up to 12 blocks! It is interesting as congo lines naturally formed so that people can move trough the crowd.